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Indulge Yourself in Countryside Artisan Experience:
Sculpture, Crafts, and Bliss


Welcome to Ube—a kaleidoscope of artistry, craftsmanship, and natural allure that dances in captivating harmony. Here, every corner tells a story through its rich artistic heritage, celebrated biennially at the Ube Biennale, an international haven for sculptural brilliance. Dive into a colorful tapestry of cultural expression as you wander through vibrant exhibitions, strike up intimate conversations with skilled artisans, and unravel the intricate artistic DNA that makes Ube unique.

Yet, Ube's allure isn't just artistic or natural—it's also historical. Once a coal mining hub, this legacy endures in the city's heart and architecture. It's remembered in a specialized museum, echoed in public sculptures, and subtly interwoven into the community's identity. When you visit Ube, you're not just exploring—you're stepping into a dynamic tapestry of history, art, and nature, each moment adding to your rich, unfolding experience.

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【 Feb 3 / Feb 4, 2024】
  Winter Special: Tokiwa Park English tour 

If it's your first time visiting Ube, Tokiwa Park is a must-visit! Just by walking through this beautiful park, where the town's history and unique features are tightly packed, you'll understand the charm of this city.
While Tokiwa Park is enjoyable even if you're alone, a local guide who knows the town well will make you fall in love with Ube!



“Nano was exquisite. We had so much fun in Tokiwa Park with his deep knowledge and friendliness!”

Kim and Jennifer


  • Uncover the Enchanting World of Fujigochi Tea Plantation

    15,000JPY / person
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About Us

DMO UBE is your gateway to an enriching English tour experience in Ube, Yamaguchi.
Specializing in Ube Artisan Experience and Ube Sculpture Art Tours, we bring the vibrant Yamaguchi art and craft experience to life. As the heart of Ube Yamaguchi travel, our organization is committed to showcasing the rich tradition of art and craftsmanship in Ube City, offering guided explorations that highlight the unique artistic and cultural heritage of this beautiful region.

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