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Your Compass to the Many Dimensions of Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan.

Grateful we are that your curiosity has led you to consider Ube—a living tableau where history, art, and nature entwine. At DMO UBE, we are your guides, illuminating the path for your journey into this magical blend of elements that make our city iridescent.

Inquiries & Bespoke Travel Assistance

Should you seek to know more or need a companion in your wanderlust, you're most welcome to contact us.
For those yearning to explore the hidden layers of Ube, we offer personalized travel guidance. Let our experts, the cartographers of local lore, design
an itinerary that sings to your soul.
Email us at and our team!


Media & Collaborative Tapestry
For those wishing to weave their own narratives into the ever-expanding fabric of Ube, we invite you to connect with our media and partnerships team.


Stay Woven into Our Story

Immerse yourself even deeper by staying updated through our digital canvases:
- [Instagram]

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being a part of your Ube journey. We eagerly await the possibility of your visit, adding another colorful thread to our vibrant tapestry.

With warm anticipation,  
The DMO UBE Team

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