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Hello, I'm Kyoko.
Let me share a bit of my journey with you. My formative years were spent abroad in Argentina, Chile, and the US, where I embraced the cultures as an exchange student. These experiences enriched my life with a deep sense of positivity and a love for fun, while also equipping me with fluency in English and a touch of Spanish.


After growing up in Tokyo, life's adventures brought me to Ube upon marriage, where I've been nurturing my family and teaching English for over eight years. This charming city has truly captured my heart.


My curiosity drives me to constantly seek out new experiences. I have a keen interest in sports, finding joy in supporting international competitions as much as I do our local teams, the Yamaguchi Pats Five and our soccer team. 


I also got hooked on American sign language, all thanks to a course I stumbled upon in the university here in Japan. There's something about the way you can express so much with just your hands that really grabs me.


Aside from my hobbies, I really enjoy getting out and about, especially to dive into the food scene in Ube Shinkawa. The variety there is something else, but if you ask me, it's the local sake and fresh seafood that steal the show – they're some of the best you'll find anywhere in Japan. I'm excited to take you to hidden, locals-only spots!

    Tour by Kyoko

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