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Originally from Ube, my early years led to global travels that enriched me with invaluable experiences. A decade ago, this international journey circled back to Ube, where I've since brought my world of insights home.
Since my return, I've had the privilege of teaching English at various levels—from eager elementary students to focused prep school learners.

Marriage opened a new chapter of my life, leading my family and I to live in the UK for a year and Laos for three and a half years. In North Ealing, a serene London suburb, I immersed myself in the local culture while exploring Europe, making lifelong memories on a shoestring budget, from budget flights to youth hostels. These travels deepened my understanding of the world in ways I had never imagined.

Laos, with its vibrant culture and warm people, was where I embraced the role of a journalist, sharing stories of Lao education and culture with a wider audience. Teaching Japanese culture at a local international school in Vientiane was a joy, allowing me to share the richness of Japan with curious minds from around the globe. Though not fluent, I managed to navigate daily conversations in Lao, a testament to the immersive power of living abroad.

Guiding Japanese visitors through Laos, I discovered the joy of sharing local lifestyles with foreign guests, an experience that was probably let to me today.

My passions are as diverse as my travels. From nearly becoming a Sivananda yoga instructor (until I realized swallowing cloth was a step too far for me) to playing an eclectic array of musical instruments like the saxophone, euphonium, bass guitar, piano, and marimba. Music has been my constant companion.

Recently, I've embarked on learning French, dreaming of the day I can offer tours in this beautiful language, adding another layer to my tapestry of skills.

    Tour by Keiko

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