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My journey begins not far from Ube, weaving through the breathtaking landscapes of Iwakuni and Hiroshima, with a significant chapter at the university in Kyoto, before returning to Ube, the place closest to my heart.

My fascination with English ignited in childhood, inspired by 'Sesame Street.' The quest to grasp the humor and cultural nuances that resonated with native speakers propelled me on a remarkable journey across the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Along the way, from spontaneous backpacking adventures with friends to thought-provoking excursions with my inquisitive mother, guided by locals, I've cherished the joy of connecting with diverse individuals and broadening my perspective in profound ways.

I'm deeply passionate about authentic experiences, whether it's indulging in extraordinary culinary delights or discovering pristine natural wonders like the untouched hot springs in Yamaguchi and Kyushu. This quest for authenticity continually drives me to explore and share these hidden treasures with others who cherish genuine travel adventures as much as I do.

True appreciation of language nuances, cultural values, and local perspectives is often gained through direct interaction with locals. It's especially rewarding to address the persistent inquiries from those who have dedicated themselves to learning Japanese, facilitating enlightening moments of realization.

As your guide, I aim not just to show you the sights but to reveal the cultural depths beneath the surface, sharing insights that go beyond the visible. This approach ensures an intellectually enriching and enjoyable tour experience, inviting you to explore Japan's rich cultural tapestry alongside me.

    Tour by Sachi

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