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【Winter Special】Tokiwa Park Tour

The Best of Tokiwa Park in 2 Hours

For over 60 years, the UBE Biennale has stood as a cherished destination for art enthusiasts, establishing itself as Japan's first open-air sculpture exhibition. Held biennially, the exhibition takes place on a gentle hill overlooking the water, surrounded by past award-winning works. With a sunny blue sky, a serene lake, and unique sculptures dotting the lawn, this park offers a tranquil escape that may entice you to stay all day.


Join our friendly, English-speaking local guide on a tour that unveils the artistic soul of Ube. Begin with a visit to the Coal Museum, where you'll explore the city's history and witness the transformation of its coal industry into an artistic sculpture hub.

Who would have thought that black, burning rocks could shape Ube into a city of art?


Explore a selection of approximately 100 sculptures in the park. We will guide you through the pieces that pique your interest, allowing you to experience the touchable, climbable, and colorful art of Ube and uncover the hidden stories behind each piece. Enjoy a day filled with culture and creativity in Ube, where art comes to life!

Tour Date

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024

Sunday, Feb 4, 2024

Tour Time

11:00am - 1:00pm / 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Tour Fee (Special Offer!)

1,000JPY/ person 

Collected on the spot

Meeting Point

Tokiwa Park Main Gate (ときわ公園 正面入り口)

Tokiwa park map in English
image 2.jpg

Presented by
UBE Guide team TORCH

This tour is led by local Ube guides who are accredited to provide tours of the city and are eager to share their love
for it with the world!

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So how do I book?

Simply click the button below to access the booking form!

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