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Hello! My name is Hiromi, though many affectionately call me Romy. My roots are in the beautiful city of Kobe, but life’s journey brought me to Ube after marrying my wonderful partner.


From my early years, English captured my heart, thanks to the genuine connections I made with my native English teacher. This passion was further ignited during a homestay in Seattle as a teenager, which broadened my horizons and sparked a longing to explore more of the world. That longing led me to Michigan for my studies. Rather than just visiting as a tourist for a short period, I've thought about actually living in the United States to learn more about the country. It was a liberating experience, one where I also had the fortune of meeting my husband.


For three decades, I’ve poured my heart into teaching English to children in Ube, finding great joy in nurturing young minds. These days, I cherish my role supporting school staff, relishing every moment spent with the children. I delight in sharing our rich Japanese heritage through traditional games, nursery rhymes, and folktales, hoping to pass these treasures on to friends from across the globe.


Cooking is another joy in my life, serving as both a creative outlet and a comfort. I specialize in Japanese home cooking, from the perfect Tonkatsu to the delightful Kawara Soba of Yamaguchi Prefecture, each dish tells a story of tradition and taste.


With my grandchildren as my newest pupils and sources of inspiration, I've also ventured into guiding tours in Ube, initially for Japanese visitors. Now, I’m eager to extend these tours in English, sharing the beauty of Ube’s culture and landscapes with a wider audience. It’s a wonderful way to blend my love for language and community, inviting others into the world I hold dear.

    Tour by Romy

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