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After living abroad for nearly 50 years, including 16 years in the United States (Los Angeles and Detroit) and 3 years in Shanghai, I've returned to my hometown of Ube. Seeing it with fresh eyes, I'm rediscovering the charm of this place. Ube offers a peaceful and safe environment, ideal for cycling around to admire the outdoor sculptures and soaking in the local vibe.

I cherish the simple joys in life, like relaxing in nearby hot springs in my free time. Recently, I've taken up pottery making, with a particular interest in the local Yamaguchi pottery known as Hagi ware. The beauty of Hagi ware lies in its unpredictable transformation under the flame and through the chemistry of its glaze. The excitement of waiting to see the final colors and patterns, only revealed once it's taken out of the kiln, is always a thrill.

I'm passionate about creating personalized tours in Ube, tailored to your interests. Let me share the beauty of Ube with you, making your visit memorable with the unique insights of someone who has returned home after many years.

Tour by Shu

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