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Akama Ink stone Artisan Workshop Visit

Akama Suzuki: Ube's Last Inkstone Craftsmen's Tale

  • 3 hr
  • 15,000JPY/ person
  • Hieda Gyokuhodo, Ube

Service Description

Immerse in the rich heritage of Ube, once home to hundreds of artisans, now harboring only two establishments crafting the coveted Akama Suzuki inkstone. Our tour take place at Hieda Gyokuhodo, one of these rare sanctuaries. Operated by Miho and Yoichi, a charming couple, this tour offers an intimate encounter with traditional shodō. Miho, a calligrapher, initiates you into the beautiful world of this art form. We then dive into the fascinating process of crafting inkstones at Yoichi's workshop. Experience the tranquil beauty of a country village while engaging with an unforgettable artisanal journey.

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