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Sake & Gastronomic Delights

Ube's Art of Brewing and Food Pairing

  • 1 h
  • 10,000JPY / person
  • Nagayama Honke Shuzojo

Service Description

Embark on a journey to Yamaguchi Prefecture's traditional sake heartland, where Ube proudly houses the esteemed Nagayama Honke Shuzojo, revered by sake enthusiasts. Delve into what sets them apart as we unveil the secrets behind their renowned "Taka" sake. Witness the meticulous process of cultivating sake rice in their very own fields, while the water sourced from the mineral-rich karst plateau of Akiyoshidai, flowing from a 150-meter-deep well on-site, lends a distinct character to their brew. Join us as Takahiro Nagayama, the fifth-generation head brewer at Nagayama Honke Shuzojo, personally guides you through his storied brewery. Discover how he seamlessly integrates sustainability and terroir, allowing the essence of the region to permeate every drop of sake crafted with unwavering passion. Prepare for the highlight of the tour—an unforgettable sake and food pairing experience in the enchanting ambiance of a meticulously restored historical building dating back to 1928. Here, using sake barrel lids as tables, indulge in exquisitely prepared dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients, with a spotlight on Ube's finest offerings that perfectly complement their prized sake. Savor the flavors of six distinct local sake varieties, including the revered "Taka" brand, an embodiment of the brewmaster's artistry and expertise. Immerse yourself in the fervor and dedication of Nagayama Honke Shuzojo, as the essence of their sake comes alive with every sip. Let the harmony of flavors ignite your senses and discover why their sake is celebrated far and wide. Unveil Ube's authentic traditions and experience a taste that transcends time—a journey brimming with passion and the spirit of craftsmanship.

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